How To Delete Cash App History

Step By Steps On How To Delete Cash App History

For privacy sake, may tend to delete their transactions, be it online or offline. The reasons for doing so vary from individuals. This is a question that many are roaming each and every day on the internet and various forums seeking answers and how to go about such tasks. And as stated earlier on, the reason might differ. There are some, who have used the credit card of others, be it a family member to fund his or her account, and do not want that to trace back to him or her. There are a group of people who also, without any act of such kind, wouldn’t want anyone to see how much he or she spends on stuff. Hence, after making any transaction or whatsoever, tries to get rid of it all. Most people not willing to make others know who they are sending money to or receiving money from. I’m sure you also have your own reason for trying to delete or clear your transactional history.

It’s not only on Cash App that many are seeking means to get rid of their transaction history, but the many other financial applications. Clearing financial history is a very delicate thing, so these financial institutions normally try their possible best not to make it that easy, for users to mistakenly clear them and later come back crying for them. These histories are not only needed by the user, but the security agencies at times need them in their investigations. So because of these few and other reasons, clearing of such information needs to go through a process, to affirm it isn’t a mistake and surely wouldn’t be needed some days to come.

So I thought of making this article clear grounds for anyone who intends to delete or clear his or her Cash App transaction history.

How do I delete my Cash App History?

So here we are on how to delete your Cash App history. The sad part of this whole thing of deleting Cash App transaction history is IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. Cash App transaction history cannot be deleted. The application didn’t add any feature that can permit you to delete your history. So once you transact with the app, all your history remains right there, and nothing, I mean nothing or whatsoever can be done about it. Many have tried deleting their history several times and have come to the conclusion that it’s not possible to have opted to hide their transaction rather. With the hiding of your Cash App history transaction, it is possible. SO I will take you through how to hide your Cash App transaction history.

How to hide Cash App history

Why doesn’t Cash App allow deletion of transaction history from the app?

Not allowing or including a feature to enable users to delete their transaction history isn’t the decision of the app of Cash App team, no. Cash app acts like a bank, and as such, banks are not allowed to delete the transaction history of their clients. They are obliged to keep them as far as they can.

Deleting or closing Cash App Account

So if you really mean to get rid of your transaction history, then the only way to go by this is to delete your Cash App account, yeah, you got me, delete your Cash Account and create yourself a new one. That is the only way to delete your Cash App history.

Let’s now get to how you can delete your Cash App account. But before you do so, make sure to cash out or withdraw any funds you’ve got inside. And in doing so, tap on your funds, which should be at the down left corner of the app. You’ll be shown a new page where you’ll find your balance there. Tap on the ‘Cash Out’, and confirm your cash out by tapping on the ‘Cash Out’ button again. You now have your funds transferred to your linked bank account. That’s an easy one, right?

  1. From the Cash App home screen, tap Balance
  2. Tap Cash Out
  3. Enter an amount and press Cash Out
  4. Touch ID or your PIN to confirm

You now have no funds or money left in your Cash App account, you are then free to delete your account.

  1. Tap the profile icon on the top-right corner
  2. Tap Select
  3. Select Something Else (last option)
  4. Select Account Settings (last option)
  5. Select Close Account
  6. Confirm by tapping on Close my Cash App Account
  7. Tap on Confirm Closing Account to finalize the whole process

In case you didn’t get these steps don’t worry, let me take a bit time to elaborate a bit on it.

  • Choose your Profile icon from the upper right corner of the screen, at the same place where you cashed out your account. Upon clicking this, your profile will be displayed. Choose the Support option at the end of the list.
  • You’ll find a list of help options on the Support page once you click this. In this screen, you don’t find the option to close your Cash App account, so without that option, you’ll need to tap Something Else to move forward.
  • Here you will find more options for your account. Cash App balances may also be transferred to your bank account using this option if you have not done so already. To move on to the next step in closing your Cash App account, tap Account Settings.
  • Click Close Account and then Tap Close my Cash App Account.
  • Here is some information about closing your Cash App account, and what it means. Make sure you carefully review this information before closing your account. Select the Confirm Closing Account link to confirm your decision.
  • Cash App will delete your account after you confirm the closure of your account. You will no longer have access to $Cashtag (Cash App’s user ID). At this point, anyone trying to send you money will receive an error message.

Your Cash App account has now been successfully closed. And this means, your transaction history has also been deleted. And there won’t be any trace of your transaction on the Cash App. In the same way, there’s no way to retrieve any information or details back from your closed Cash App account.

You can now go ahead and sign up again from your new Cash App account.

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