FIXED: No Supported App for this NFC Tag

FIXED: No Supported App for this NFC Tag

Many are they who tend to shiver when this message of “No Supported App for this NFC Tag” pops up from nowhere. This error is common with Android users. And one common thing about users who gets this pop up are those who uses their phone with wallet, where they keep their cards in as well. The card could be any card at all, ranging from library card, transport card, credit card, or even gift card. Alright, I am here to tell you not to shiver, and that you are safe. The only issue you’ve got here is that, you’ve got your credit card, that has a scanning tag so close to your phone.

Why does my phone keep saying NFC tag not supported?

NFC (Near Field Communication) connection allows you to send and receive information wirelessly from your mobile device. NFC enables you to conduct many transactions via your mobile phone, such as paying for groceries, connecting to websites, making phone calls, etc. NFC may cause the read error message when a device in contact with another that recognizes NFC, such as a credit card or any other card, is enabled. It is recommended that you turn off the NFC function when not in use so that this message does not appear.

The NFC detects a card anytime you open your phone, which has scanning cards in the same case which has the phone, this error message “No supported application for this NFC tag” will pop up immediately. The same thing will happen when you rub your phone against all of the credit cards in your purse or wallet.

How to fix the “No Supported App for this NFC Tag” pop-ups?

There are 4 ways we can fix, stop and prevent your android device from receiving this “No Supported App for this NFC Tag” pop-up message again. So just stick to the one you will feel comfortable with, and find it easy.

  1. Using a Sheet between Phone and Cards: The easiest way of getting rid of this pop is placing a sheet or even aluminum (approx 1mm thick) between the card and the phone. Many won’t feel comfortable if you advise them to take the card from the wallet, because that’s what they are much used to. So if you want to have both your cards and your phone in the same wallet, as indicated above, get yourself a sheet or even aluminum (approx 1mm thick) between the card and the phone. And trust me, you are good to go.
  2. Disabling/ Turning off NFC Tag: Some others who will want to have both their phone and card in the same wallet will in a way find putting sheet or even aluminum (approx 1mm thick) between the card and the phone a bit weird. So in this case, we will disable or turn off the NFC tag on the Android device.
  3. Using RFID Blocking Technology Wallet: Another group of people would want to have their cards and phone in the same wallet, but wouldn’t want to use the sheet. Also, they’ve got less knowledge about phone settings to be able to disable the NFC tag. So with this group of people, the only way to also get rid of the “No Supported app for this NFC tag” is to buy the wallet with the RFID blocking technology. The mechanism used by this RFID Blocking Technology Wallet is that it makes any card in the wallet opaque so that the NFC tag in the phone won’t be able to detect that there’s any card in the wallet. The card goes back to its active state as soon as it’s taken from the wallet.
  4. Registration of cards: This method will be convenient with only Samsung users, with this, users are expected to register their bank cards on Samsung Pay (a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Samsung Electronics). This also applies to only bank cards. So even if you register your bank cards correctly, but have your library card and other cards in your wallet with your phone, you will still receive the “No Supported app for this NFC tag” pop-up message.

How to turn off or disable NFC tag on Android devices

1. Select Settings from your App Drawer

2. Open Connections

3. Turn off the NFC or NFC and payment toggle switch

NB: You won’t be able to use your phone to make any payment again unless you turn the NFC tag on again

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